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The sosete group was born in Milan in 1996. It is the result of the union of the ten-year experience matured by its members in companies operating in the sector of construction and commercial restructuring.

Sosete is set up with highly trained figures, with great experience and great professional know-how, to realize, with quality and competence, plants, areas and commercial infrastructures of large surfaces. Complex and accurate, for high-level brands.

The General contractor

Sosete is today among the main general contractors. It organizes the construction following the project provided by the client, and the renovation of buildings, public spaces, private homes and commercial complexes. Sosete coordinates consolidated, trustworthy companies, competent in every specific sector and with high professionalism, selected by Sosete for the realization of ambitious projects and objectives.

The advantages of coordinating the analysis phase of the project and the execution of the work by a General Contractor like Sosete are to have a single responsible contact person available to the client. And the synergistic centralization of all forces, during production execution.


Modern design layouts based on modern production needs and distribution dynamics, must flow towards a new, prestigious and ethical product, whose distinctive culture is constructive sustainability. For SOSETE, a better organization of spaces means less consumption of land and materials. Especially if, with the new construction, redevelopment is preferred.

The regeneration of the existing building heritage has a lower environmental impact. Whether new or converted buildings, they will have to be able to function even from an energy point of view. They will have to know how to adapt to changes in the climate, become efficient, and be composed as much as possible of ecological materials, which will take the place of obsolete materials, expensive from the point of view of maintenance and sometimes harmful to health.


Build or redevelop with ideas that are part of a project that aims to last over time. Ideas that can translate into products with high efficiency, functionality and savings for the future. It is the spirit of SOSETE, which is appreciated from the first works of demolition and careful, rigorous and ecological disposal of the old works. And the preference, for the new works, for new and high-tech materials, to build comfortable envelopes with a high level of well-being that is pleasing to users.

Buildings with high functional and energy efficiency, to reduce management costs. Smart buildings, where home automation and technology become the backbone. Buildings designed to be re-qualified in the future for other activities. Easily. Building recycling, with low environmental impact, in harmony with the needs of tomorrow and future generations

Built-it 'Turnkey'

Ready operational spaces, from the very first opening.

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Project planning

The recognition phase of the building project

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Building and redevelopment

The best element in the landscape is the first step towards a successful work.

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Your business doesn't stop

Noi ristrutturiamo senza interrompere l'operatività della tua azienda.

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