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Quality of work

The expertise developed in the construction and building renovation sector offers SOSETE the opportunity to present its experience and professionalism to the market, which translate into complete solutions with a high qualitative value. Environments intended to welcome public and operating personnel require great attention both in the design phase and in the construction phase, in compliance with safety and current regulations. Attention to standards, distribution, organization of spaces, quality and avant-garde architectural design. These are the fundamental elements of the works and services that SOSETE offers. For this reason, today SOSETE is one of the leading companies in the construction, renovation and redevelopment of operating areas, buildings and commercial spaces, complexes, residences and areas

Customer needs

SOSETE executes "turnkey" projects provided and finalized according to customer needs. A company that operates as a General Contractor, for almost twenty years in the sectors: Food / execution of collective catering spaces Shop & Retail / execution of locations for retail outlets. Large-scale retail trade / construction of spaces for large-scale commercial distribution Offices / interventions for the execution and redevelopment of spaces for office use. Real estate / development of real estate interventions aimed at creating commercial spaces Over the years SOSETE has achieved a specialization in the restyling of sales outlets, in the catering / retail / large-scale sectors, with construction sites carried out in steps, in order to renew the surfaces while keeping open sales point activity. thus maximizing the economic result of customer activities, avoiding closures with consequent significant reductions in turnover.

The preliminary phase

- Technical feasibility checks related to the project / location, criticality analysis
- Investment estimate agreed with the available budget
- Technical assistance for relations with the real estate properties of the location

The executive phase

- Drafting of integrated projects (building-architectural-plant), if required
- Timely quotation of the requested supplies
- Execution of building works in their entirety
- Execution of mechanical and hydraulic systems
- Execution of electrical and special systems
- Execution of furnishings both as supply and / or assembly of those supplied by the clients
- Technical management of the construction phases of the construction site with general coordination of the works, carried out by our qualified personnel present on the site
- Technical coordination assistance for third party suppliers directly controlled by customers
- Technical assistance in the final stage of setting up sales points, our technicians before being your suppliers have worked in primary companies of various commercial sectors, and are aware of the delicate final pre-opening phases

The final phase

* Final hand over, delivery of the planned works with assistance to testing supply of all the certified documentation required by law in the field of construction and plant engineering
* Supply of "as built" documentation in paper and electronic format, to support future maintenance and conduction in facility management of buildings and facilities
* All supplies are regulated by tender contracts to guarantee compliance with the execution schedule and compliance with agreed costs.
* All the executive operations are carried out with labor and suppliers regularly framed, formed from the point of view of safety in the workplace, properly contracted and paid in respect of a virtuous chain, which in addition to ensuring quality of work and / or provided services, guarantees our clients on solidarity responsibility